Paper Trail Exposes Ex-National Security Capo Over Stolen 14 Cars

Col. Michael Opoku

-Secret Mafia of Confiscated Cars Among Security Bosses Revealed

Whatsup News has intercepted letters from the National Security signed by its former Director of Operations, Col. Michael Opoku, ordering the dispatch of more than 50 confiscated luxury vehicles to security capos as “beneficiaries”

Whatsup News gathered that some of the beneficiaries include the current National Investigation Bureau (NIB) boss, Kwaku Domfeh who was given an Infiniti FX 45 for peanuts.

Whatsup News is in possession of a copy of a November 7, 2020 letter signed by Col. Opoku allocating the plush vehicles to top members of the security agency and government officials.

This is contrary to an earlier denial by him when Whatsup News interviewed him about the issue that has attracted an investigation from the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO). Col. Opoku told Whatsup News that the said vehicles were auctioned, allegedly to cronies, before he got to know about them. 

However, in the intercepted letter, Col. Opoku wrote clearly that “Reference Gazette No NS36A the attached list indicate the beneficiaries of the second and remaining vehicles that were left during the first allocation. The list is attached please,” his letter went.

He went ahead to list 52 luxury vehicles that were under investigation and simply allocated them to selected people with close links to either the Jubilee House or the security services.

In that list of 52 cars are some of the 14 cars that vanished while still under investigation by the National Security. One of them is the one given to the NIB Director.

Kwaku Domfeh, a BNI officer benefiting from a car seized by National Security, an establishment that he is part of, is just one in a pattern of what appears to be a tradition of self-dealing at National Security in respect of seized cars.

A Mitsubishi Montro S/W, per a list of allocations that Whatsup News has seen was given to Police Commissioner, Dr. Gariba Sayibu; a ZNA P/UP was allocated to DSP George Asare of the GHANA Police Service, a Mitsubishi L200 P/UP went to a National Security operative called Alexander Oppong.

An army officer, Kenneth Kumi was allocated a Chrysler convertible, Col. Augustine Asiedu was given a Chrysler MPV Wagon, among others. The list strongly suggests National Security operatives share seized cars among themselves like confetti.

Sources have expressed worry that many of the cars are shipped off while they are still under investigation, leading to the situation which Col. Michael Opoku told Whatsup News about in the interview with him – that sometimes people who have bought auctioned cars get to National Security for them and realize the cars do not exist.

Meanwhile, Col. Opoku is still under investigation by EOCO, on whose board he used to be.

The embattled Col. Opoku, who was until recently, the Director of Operations at National Security, has since exclusively confirmed to Whatsup News in an interview that he is being probed but swears he does not anything the said cars.

Even so, Whatsup News has confirmed that he has since been transferred from Accra to Tamale, as more details emerge that despite the transfer, he is still occupying the residence of the Executive Secretary of EOCO in Accra.

 It was Col. Michael Opoku was the main man calling the shots at the National Security when rogue agents from the outfit carried out the bloody gun violence and other atrocities at the Ayawaso West Wuogon Parliamentary by-election.

He would later take responsibility for that lawlessness but walk away a free man because the Akufo-Addo Jubilee House refused any of the perpetrators of those crimes to face prosecution even after a Commission of Inquiry had recommended it.

While he was at National Security, Col. Opoku was also a Board Member at EOCO and according to sources, the mafia-style with which he operated at National Security was the same modus operandi that he deployed at EOCO.

He took over the official residence of the Executive Secretary of EOCO, according to sources, and then got a number of people out of the way. 

And in an interview with Whatsup News, Col. Opoku denied knowledge about the whereabouts of the vehicles, revealing rather that the Customs division of the GRA, which is clothed with the authority to auction suchlike cars, has been in the habit of auctioning them to people after the cars have already been sold or taken away.

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