Minority Demands Equal Budgetary Allocations For Lawmakers and Judiciary

The Minority has demanded that the Executive stop the practice of making huge budgetary allocations to itself while being miserly with the Legislature and the Judiciary.

In a statement, the Akufo-Addo Jubilee House was reminded that the three arms of government are co-equal and therefore must be equally funded to enable them to discharge their duties efficiently.

Consequently, the Legislators are advocating for reforms in order to properly balance budgetary allocations.

“The Executive, The Legislature, The Judiciary These 3 are all serviced from the same consolidated fund. Over the years in the last decade or more there have been inequalities in allocation and distribution to these 3 Organs,” the statment read.

The group called for major reforms and are demanding that allocations to Parliament and the Judiciary should be increased “forthwith”.

The demand from the MPs come after Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin had earlier demanded for a change in the lopsided allocation of funds.

“…Rt. Hon speaker expressed concern about the reduction in the estimates of the Judiciary and the Judicial Service as well as Parliament and the Parliamentary service. He, therefore, urged H.E. the President to maintain the estimated figures submitted to him to enable the two organs of Government discharge their constitutional mandate,” the statement said.

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