Ho Central Assemblyman Blows Whistle On State Land Grab By NPP

Volta Regional Minister, Archibald Yaw Letsa

The Assembly Member for Ho Central, Emmanuel Adzome, has alleged a scramble for State lands by apparatchiks of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) within the Ho Municipality.

In a press release on behalf of the Electorates of his Electoral Area, Mr. Adzome alleges that NPP aficionados and party functionaries have been receiving parcels of State lands gifted them by the Board of the Lands Commission in Ho.

The press release also highlights Volta Regional Minister, Archibald Yaw Letsa, as a direct beneficiary of the alleged land scramble, with his children who have been reportedly allocated a swathe of State lands under the Lands Commission’s infilling program.

“Information has it that the aforementioned people in connivance with the Land Commission have started selling government lands opposite Stadium, Malaria Quarters, Residency, Kabore Quarters, Kabore Down, Government Secretarial School, Ring Road, and Lokoe Gas Filling Station to their NPP party apparatchiks from the National, Regional and Constituency executives, Some Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s), Managing Directors, Families, Friends and Cronies who are aligned to the NPP like ‘Kelewele and Groundnuts,” the HO NDC alleged.

“My attention has also been drawn to the heartless issue of government bungalows occupied by top Public and Civil Servants in the region being sold out secretly to NPP party members which is a disturbing phenomenon in our current political dispensation.”

It is further alleged that some government bungalows have been earmarked for demolition to make way for the space to be allocated to private developers and party faithful to construct office accommodations for rental purposes. 

“It is also alleged that Dr. Letsa’s children are all beneficiaries of the government plots of land being shared out,” Mr. Adzome wrote.

Then in a series of rhetorical questions, he named alleged NPP apparatchiks in the Ho Municipality who have received state lands from the Lands Commission.

“Are they aware children of Dr. Letsa are beneficiaries of the obnoxious share of government plots of land; Are they aware the NPP regional women organizer by name (REJOYCE AFI ADZAGBO) is beneficiary of the obnoxious share out?”

The Ho Central Electoral Area Assemblyman also alleged that more lands have been earmarked for sharing by NPP apparatchiks in the coming days.

“The electorates of Ho Central Electoral Area of the Ho Municipal Assembly (HMA) are therefore sounding a word of caution to the Lands Commission, Board Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Dr. Letsa and his NPP party members, cronies, families and friends to halt their atrocious sale of the plots of government lands or incur their wrath,” he warned. 


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