Election protests: Franklin Cudjoe criticises ‘excessive’ conduct of security personnel

IMANI Africa President Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI Africa President Franklin Cudjoe has criticised security personnel for a lack of restraint in the handling of tensions during after the elections.

Among other things, Mr. Cudjoe also said the security agencies have not been proactive enough amid the spate of protests against the election results by the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“The security forces must not only be seen to be in charge when certain groups of persons try to demonstrate. They must also be picking up signals and giving forewarnings on the conduct of some of our institutions.”

For example, Mr. Cudjoe said the security services should have already engaged the NDC when it became clear it intended to hold a series of protests.

“The security forces are not zombies. They shouldn’t just act only because they see a mass of people gathering.”

“They could have taken a leaf out of their own professional code of conduct to start engaging the opposite side in an election… before even, it gets to where it has gotten to.”

Mr. Cudjoe also said security forces have also been exhibiting excessive force in their dealings with agitated citizens.

“What has been excessively done has been some of the untoward and unprofessional behaviour of some of the security forces. If I take a look at the five or six persons who have been maimed or either killed, it should never have happened.”

“I saw soldiers shooting and I was wondering if we were in some other environment. I think it is wrong,” Mr. Cudjoe insisted.

“I haven’t seen exchanges that were lethal especially with the civilians and so to the extent that some of these things are allowed, we should call officers into question.”

In addition, Mr. Cudjoe said, “the leadership of the NDC must be seen to be lowering some of these tensions as well.”

He also believes they should resort to court action if they have “incontrovertible evidence” concerning the grievances of the election.


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