National Security Rogue Squad Used To Settle Private Love Affair

DSP Samuel Kojo Azugu

A squad of National Security operatives who allegedly broke into the home of the ex-girlfriend of a jilted lover to show her where power lies has been rejected as a rogue squad by their Commander.

One Okyere Dacosta who is allegedly closely linked with nefarious activities for the National Security, including secret auction of vehicles, reportedly ordered some National Security “boys” around to settle his personal score with a girlfriend that had jilted him.

This goon squad belongs to the questionable SWAT unit in the National Security that the Justice Emile Short commission of inquiry into the brutal Ayawaso West-Wuogon shootings had ordered to be disbanded.

When interviewed by Whatsup News, DSP Samuel Kojo Azugu, the Commander of the notorious SWAT team said he does not know the squad which went on the attack for Okyere Dacosta at Community 25-Tema.

According to Azugu if it is really true that a National Security squad broke into the home of one Abena at the behest of Abena’s ex-boyfriend, Dacosta, as part of a romantic squabble, then the rogue squad has perpetrated criminality.

“Then what they did was illegal and they must be brought to book,” DSP Azugu said denying ever sanctioning any such operation.

Investigations by Whatsup News whipped up details of the love triangle involving the National Security goon squad revealed that while married with kids, Dacosta was cheating on his wife with a side-chick simply known as Abena. During the honeyed days of the relationship, Dacosta had splurged on Abena, among others showering her with expensive cars including a Range Rover, believed to have been taken from National Security’s pool of seized cars.

However, the authentic wife of Mr. Dacosta found out about her husband’s cheating behavior and started a rivals’ war with Abena over her husband. This estranged Abena from Dacosta and drove her into the arms of one Nene.

Whatsup News gathered from its investigations that out of jealousy, Okyere Dacosta rallied a team of National Security operatives and started terrorizing both Abena and her new lover, Nene. 

Dacosta in his rage also used sophisticated National Security spyware to mount surveillance on his ex-lover and her new lover.

A week ago, the National Security squad on the mission for the jilted lover, stormed the Community 25 home of Abena, at full siren, and broke into the apartment where they impounded a number of things, including diffusers that she had imported from abroad to sell.

The squad is also said to have taken away Abena’s passport and an undisclosed amount of money.

Later, the same squad would also storm the Dome Paraku Estates home of Abena’s boyfriend, Nene where they manhandled him.

Later, Nene would be arrested by another squad of National Security with the accusation that he was keeping contraband diffusers.

DSP Azugu, in his interview with Whatsup News, admitted that Nene had been arrested by National Security and that he had issued the command for his arrest. However, the arrest had been effected by a different squad and not the one that Dacosta led to break into the apartment of his estranged lover.

“We arrested him because he was selling diffusers without authorization from the FDA (Food and Drugs Authority),” DSP Azugu said of Nene’s arrest.

According to him, National Security had received reports that Nene was illegally selling the air fresheners and that the National Security took its time to investigate the matter for over a week, sending somebody to buy some of the products to satisfy itself, before a squad was sent to arrest Nene.

It was while Nene was at National Security that he informed them of the rogue squad which had stormed Abena’s home at Community 25 in Tema and broken in. “I don’t know them,” Azugu said of the squad.

However, when Whatsup mentioned the names of some of the operatives to Azugu, he said he did not know one Agent “Lukeman”, but that he knows Agent “Prince” and that indeed Prince works at National Security.

It would appear that the rogue squad’s operation in the love web has been structured for plausible deniability. DSP Azugu swears that is not the case. “I even advised Nene to get us videos and show us the Police station where the lady had reported the incident so that we could get an extract from there and join it to Nene’s case which we are still investigating,” he said.

Meanwhile, Whatsup News has learnt the unprofessional conduct of that National Security squad, has attracted the attention of the Minority Caucus in Parliament which has contacted National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah on the issue.

Okyere Dacosta refused to speak to Whatsup News when he was contacted. On the telephone, he rudely dismissed the allegations, saying he did not know anybody and owed nobody an explanation. 

As part of his jealous rage-out at his ex-girlfriend, he is said to have taken back a Range Rover that he bought for her. Interestingly, a shrewd Dacosta had registered the Range Rover in the name of someone else even though he had presented it as a gift to Abena.

He is said to have also gone to the extent of getting a tracker from Uber, with which Abena had two vehicles doing commercial transportation for her, and tracked the vehicles down and seized them.


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