EOCO Investigate Ex-National Security ‘Capo’

Over Mystery Luxury Car Theft 

The Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) has commissioned an investigative committee which has summoned a Its immediate pst Board Member and former Director of Operations at National Security, Col. Michael Opoku and had interrogated him over a raft of suspected nefarious activities, including the secret sale of confiscated vehicles, Whatsup News has learnt

According to multiple sources, Col. Opoku’s mean streak includes husbanding away a fleet of fourteen luxury cars under the cover of darkness and has sparked the curiosity of EOCO which is currently probing the activities.

The embattled Col. Opoku, who was until recently, the Director of Operations at National Security, has since exclusively confirmed to Whatsup News in an interview that he is being probed but swears he does not anything the said cars.

Even so, WhatsUp News has confirmed that he has since been transferred from Accra to Tamale, as more details emerge that despite the transfer, he is still occupying the residence of the Executive Secretary of EOCO in Accra.

 It would be recalled that Col. Michael Opoku was the main man calling the shots at the National Security when rogue agents from the outfit carried out the bloody gun violence and other atrocities at the Ayawaso West Wuogon Parliamentary by-election.

He would later take responsibility for that lawlessness but walk away a free man because the Akufo-Addo Jubilee House refused any of the perpetrators of those crimes to face prosecution even after a Commission of Inquiry had recommended it.

While he was at National Security, Col. Opoku was also a Board Member at EOCO and according to sources, the mafia-style with which he operated at National Security was the same modus operandi that he deployed at EOCO.

He took over the official residence of the Executive Secretary of EOCO, according to sources, and then got a number of people out of the way. 

Among his other victims, allegedly, was a Transport Officer that had been detailed to the residence of the Executive Secretary to look after cars that were under investigation.

Col. Opoku is said to have accused the Transport Officer of being a National Democratic Congress (NDC) mole and gotten him transferred from the residence.

Later, investigations would exonerate the supposed NDC mole and he would be reinstated to his office at the residence of the Executive Secretary. It was after this that it was realized that 14 cars had been in Col. Opoku’s custody.

The issue was brought to attention and since then the cars have not been found. It was partly in a bid to understand how the 14 cars were spirited away from Col. Opoku’s residence that EOCO put him before an investigative Committee for answers, sources have said.

Col. Opoku has since confirmed to WhatsUp News that he has indeed had to answer questions over the disappearance of cars from under his roof but insists that he had not spirited away any luxury car.

For EOCO, the mystery is a worrying one that resonates with the fact that the theft of cars still under investigation has become a problematic subculture within the ant-crime body.

What the development means is that if investigations conclude and it becomes necessary to return the cars, EOCO would have to look for money to purchase the 14 cars. And owners of the cars include some deep-pocketed and politically well-connected people who can afford big lawyers, Whatsup News has learnt.


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