2019’s Most Talented Kid Is Now A Bleaching Mess

Nakeeyat Dramani Sam

It is not clear how the adorable Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, winner of the 2019 edition of TV3’s ‘Talented Kids’ talent show went from being everybody’s darling to a fake mulatto, but it has happened.

Photos of the precocious poet have been gathering scorn on social media because they show that she has become a bleaching mess.

Two years after Nakeeyat was crowned the most talented kid in Ghana her knuckles remain black while the rest of her skin has paled into a lighter hue. 

And the apparent skin bleaching has creamed away the beautiful ebony complexion that used to make Nakeeyat look like an African cherub. 

The color riot that she has become has provoked calls from netizens for her parents to be arrested and questioned. And for many, the annoyance is worsened by the fact that in some of her poses, she is a bleached spectacle-wearing a dress in the Ghana flag colors.

“I firmly believe that there’s something wrong with her parents. I can’t get it. Why should the parents destroy natural beauty for want of what? sad,” went a comment from Kwame Ntiako-Antwi on Facebook.

“The mother should be arrested, period,” another comment from Nantomah Mahamadu Badimsugru.

Some more objective commentators have however pointed out that the impressionable Nakeeyat and her family are probably making a bad job of handling fame. 

TV3, the station whose platform made her a star has therefore been blamed for probably not providing winners of their ‘Talented Kids’ show proper psychological guidance.

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